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At Vibrant, we specialise in providing comprehensive Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) through our innovative EPC Plus service.

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What is an EPC?

The first step to achieving better energy efficiency in the home is to understand your customers’ current energy performance. An Energy Performance Certicate (EPC) is a legally valid document which provides an energy efficiency rating (displayed on A-G scale) in relation to a property’s running costs.

An EPC is required in the UK whenever a property is marketed for sale or rent or is newly built. The EPC is valid for 10 years or until a newer EPC is produced for the same property. It is recommended that a property’s EPC should be made available to potential buyers as soon as it is marketed for sale or rent.

How does this benefit estate agencies?

What is EPC Plus?

The EPC Plus provides a fully rounded service with a total package from guidance on upgrade works that could be carried out on a property through to project managing and delivering improvements on a property. Upgrade works are supplied through the Vibrant’s fully vetted UK supply chain.

Advanced and Precise Assessments

EPC Plus utilises proprietary algorithms and data, offering a more detailed and accurate analysis than standard EPCs, addressing the common issue of outdated or imprecise data in traditional assessments.

Personalised Recommendations

Beyond just rating a property’s energy efficiency, EPC Plus provides personalised improvement recommendations tailored to each property’s unique characteristics, offering practical and actionable energy-saving solutions.

Comprehensive Implementation Management

EPC Plus extends its service beyond assessment to full-scale project management, overseeing the implementation of recommended energy-saving measures and coordinating with accredited contractors for a seamless experience.

Enhanced Property Value and Sustainability

By improving a property’s energy efficiency, EPC Plus not only helps in reducing energy costs but also contributes to enhancing the property’s market value and environmental sustainability.

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Partnering with Vibrant for your EPC Plus certicates comes with a whole host of benefits.

Increase Profits

Purchase our EPC Plus at a heavily discounted rate and re-sell to your customers, along with a generous commission for installation works.

Enhanced Service

By providing comprehensive energy assessments and actionable insights, you position your agency as a provider of premium, value-added services.

Better Profiling

Offering EPC Plus showcases your commitment to environmental responsibility, enhancing your brand’s appeal to the growing segment of eco-conscious clients.

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