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Peace of mind when it comes to gas & boiler safety

With the number of gas appliances within a UK home, the risk of a leak or an ageing boiler is high. Taking a proactive approach to gas and boiler safety is not only key, but a legal requirement when letting premises.

What is a CP12 & Gas Boiler Safety Certificate?

A Gas CP12 or Landlords Gas Safety certificate is issued by a qualified Gas Safe Engineer to prove that a landlord has met their legal obligation to ensure safety checks have been carried out on all gas equipment in a let property. Including your gas boiler within this safety check is recommended. Click here for more information on CP12 certificates.

Why include a boiler service?

Gas boilers should be annually serviced and repaired if necessary. Failure to do so could result in the wavering of warranties and worse yet, undetected carbon monoxide poisoning.

What does a boiler service entail?

A Gas Safe Engineer will carry out a serious of tests on your gas boiler, including a visual inspection, isolating the boiler system electronically, checking the fuse ratings is correct and if necessary, clean the boiler and its components. Once a thorough check is completed, a benchmark service report will be recorded and submitted to you.

We offer bundled Gas CP12 & Boiler Service assessments with a qualified Gas Safe Engineer.