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Gas CP12 – Landlords Gas Safety Certificate

With the number of gas appliances within a UK home, the risk of a leaking or ageing boiler is high. Taking a proactive approach to gas safety is not only key, but a legal requirement when letting premises.

What is a Gas CP12 certificate?

A Gas CP12 or Landlords Gas Safety certificate is issued to prove that a landlord has met their legal obligation to ensure safety checks have been carried out on all gas equipment in a let property. The assessment is carried out by a qualified Gas Safe engineer on an annual basis. Failing to comply can lead to a hefty fine or jail time.

How long does a Gas CP12 certificate last?

A Gas CP12 certificate or Landlords Gas Safety Certificate should be carried out every year assessing the safety of any boilers, ovens, pipework, flues, chimneys and other fixtures and fittings that burn or exhaust gas. In the case of new tenants moving into a property, a Gas CP12 certificate should be booked before the premises is let and sent to the new tenant within 28 days of occupation.