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Vibrant Welcomes Wider Access to Energy Assessment Data

aaeaaqaaaaaaaajhaaaajgi3mzhjmdnhlwnhogqtndvhzs1hnzi1lwvhzwq4mjhhzwe4oaFrom the beginning of July the data from Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) for domestic and commercial properties, and Display Energy Certificates for public authority buildings, has been made available to the public.

The move, which relates to premises in England and Wales, is part of the government’s strategy to make more data publicly available.

As a market leader in the provision of energy assessments, Vibrant welcomed the latest development driven by The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG). The move sees data from millions of EPCs widely accessible, subject to the terms of a copyright notice.

EPCs contain information about how energy is used in a home or a business premises, and includes details of how much the energy used actually costs. It is a legal requirement when a building is constructed, sold or made available for rent.

An EPC rates a building’s performance including environmental impact based on carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. This information was previously available to view on an individual basis online at an individual property level, however data was only made available in bulk form to a limited range of users.

Ahead of the new data accessibility measures there was an option for holders of EPCs to opt out of allowing the information relating to their building being made public and the deadline for this option was the end of June 2016.

The DCLG’s driver to make the information public is to help achieve the government’s climate change targets – it is thought CO2 from buildings accounts for approximately 40% of the UK’s total carbon emissions. Data collated within EPCs can help local authorities and those operating within the environmental sector, to establish a clearer picture of the present state of energy efficiently within the country’s buildings.

Utilising only reputable and accredited assessors to guarantee accurate and efficient reporting for the EPC process, Vibrant’s Managing Director Daniel Kittow, said it was a positive move to have such a substantial amount of data in the public domain.

He said: “We welcome wider access to data contained in EPCs. Vibrant Energy Matters has carried out more than 600,000 EPCs in both the private and public sector and been involved since its initial implementation.

“We directly employ our domestic energy assessors throughout England and Wales offering clients peace of mind. All our energy assessors are accredited by a government approved awarding body to deliver the highest level of service to our clients.

“We have been instrumental since the introduction of linked legislation in the sector and continue to be at the forefront of the latest industry developments. Offering greater access and scrutiny to collated data can only help ensure compliance is adhered to industry wide. Our experienced and professional team at Vibrant are here to help clients with all their energy assessment needs.”

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