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Vibrant’s Check-in and Check-out service ensures all parties are in agreement on the state of the property, protecting both parties for a seamless transition. This two-stage process is the start (check-in) and end (check-out) of a tenancy agreement.


Upon signing up a new tenant, check-in ensures everything is agreed and signed in person by both new tenant and agent. The check-in is a thorough walk through the property, both in and out, noting the current condition for all to agree upon.

Did you know that on average we check-in or check-our tenants in and out of let properties every working hour from Monday to Friday.


The check-out process is the final stage in the tenancy process and involves a report being produced on the condition of the property (and its contents) versus the inventory at the time of check-in. At this stage, missing contents, damage to the property, and lost keys, etc. are captured along with photo/video evidence, not to forget the meter readings. Remember, a lack of substantial evidence will almost certainly result in a failed deposit clawback claim.

No need for a full check-out, just a report?

Our dedicated team will run a thorough inspection of the property and compile a detailed check-out report for you.

Prefer a digital solution? Homex is a digital alternative to large printed or PDF check-in and check-out report. Your report is viewed exclusively online and focuses on high quality photographs. It includes a unique ‘Hotspot’ feature that allows the Assessor to highlight any issues that need to be noted within the photographs. Find out more.