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A proactive approach to inventory

When it comes to unsolved deposit disputes, the beginning is the end. Unhappy tenants, unhappy landlords, and you are stuck in the middle. What if it could have been prevented from the beginning?

What is an inventory?

An inventory is a detailed report showing the condition and contents of a residential property – usually one that is being rented out. Inventories are used for both furnished and unfurnished properties. It is important for the inventory to be thorough and use pictures and/or video to record the exact condition of the property and its contents.

Why the need for an inventory?

The inventory will form part of the contract between the tenant and landlord and is an essential document when it comes to deposit disputes. An inventory should be completed at the pre-check-in and / or pre-check-out stage to record the condition of the property (and its contents) at the start and end of a tenancy.

Prefer a digital solution?  Homex is an intuitive, streamlined digital experience that allows you and your tenants to access and review reports online. It includes a unique ‘Hotspot’ feature that allows the assessor to highlight any issues that need to be noted within the photographs. Find out more.

We strongly advise that a comprehensive inventory form is part of any tenancy agreement. It is there to protect you, the letting agent, landlord, or tenant in case of dispute.