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Inspections, a proactive and useful exercise for both tenant and landlord

Mid-Term inspections provide an effective way of opening the lines of communication between tenant and landlord and ensuring your rental property remains in good condition.

Why the need for Mid-Term Inspections?

The Mid-Term inspection is a proactive way to build a relationship with a tenant and to make sure that the property is being treated in a satisfactory manner. Mid-Term inspections have proven their worth in reducing the number of deposit disputes.

Why use Vibrant for Mid-Term Inspections?

Our experienced team cover dozens of inspections every day across the UK. This experience and insight have proved its worth when documenting the condition of a property – every detail counts.

Prefer a digital solution? Homex is an intuitive, streamlined digital experience that allows you and your tenants to access and review reports online. It includes a unique ‘Hotspot’ feature that allows the Assessor to highlight any issues that need to be noted within the photographs. Find out more.

Ask us about our bundled product options, a more cost-effective way to prepare a property for a sale or letting.