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Air Conditioning Inspections


s part of the final implementation in England and Wales of the European Directive on the Energy Performance of Buildings (EPBD) all buildings with an air conditioning system with an output greater than 12 kW are now required to have their air-conditioning system inspected.


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The aim of these inspections is to reduce the production of CO2 emissions by air-conditioning systems. These inspections have the added benefit of improving the efficiency and reducing the electricity consumption and thus significantly driving down the running cost of your system. It is estimated that you could save up to 25% of your running cost.

The air conditioning inspection will also highlight improvements to the operation of your existing systems.

Do I need a Air conditioning inspection?

If your building has an air conditioning systems installed with an output greater than 12kw you are required to have an air-conditioning inspection.

What does an air-conditioning inspection cover?

The inspection will examine the refrigeration and air movement equipment that are part of air-conditioning systems, and their controls. It will also examine any documentation that helps to you to understand the systems, or indicates the extent to which the systems have been maintained.

Who is responsible for ensuring inspections are carried out?

If you control the operation of an air-conditioning system affected by these regulations, it is your responsibility to ensure an inspection has been done in accordance with the requirements and timetable of the Regulations.

How long is a certificate valid for?

An Air-Conditioning certificate is valid for a maximum of 5 years.

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