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Stock Condition Surveys

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stock condition survey should be conducted every few years so that housing managers maintain an accurate account of the condition of their stock.

Vibrant Energy Matters stock condition surveys collect robust information relating to housing stock to assess future financial liabilities and energy performance of the housing assets.

Vibrant Energy Matters collects the following data as standard:

  • Costs to bring up to standard
  • Future planned maintenance costs over a chosen period
  • Recommendations, concerns and further actions required
  • Data provided for existing property/facilities management systems and data imputing

Vibrant Energy Matters ensures data consistency between surveyors and has an in-house checking functionality.


The Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) is the new risk assessment procedure for residential properties.

Public sector landlords also need to incorporate HHSRS into their stock condition surveys. To be classed as ‘decent’, all homes in the social sector should be free of category 1 hazards. Information on HHSRS has been available since July 2000 and stock condition surveys should now include HHSRS.

Vibrant Energy Matters HHSRS surveys are fully in line with the ODPM guidance and are conducted by fully trained surveyors who have real world experience.

DDA Audits

DDA stands for Disability Discrimination Act which came into effect in December 1995.

The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) has serious consequences for non compliance.

From October 2004, the DDA act stipulates that the physical features of a premises need to be accessible to disabled people.

Vibrant Energy Matters can assess to what level your stock complies and give clear guidance to the action steps needed to fully comply with this legislation.