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Whole Housing Stock Analysis


n order to make effective investment decisions and to implement meaningful long-term energy savings, housing associations and RSLs need to understand the performance of their stock.

Whole Housing

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Using the EPC data we can measure, benchmark and give recommendations to improve the environmental performance of housing stock. Furthermore, we can help to identify areas in stock where fuel poverty is most likely to occur and support the areas with the most vulnerable residents. 

Our approach has been designed to go beyond energy usage of a single property and take a whole-stock approach.

Occasionally we also combine an Ecohomes XB assessment with the EPC analysis. Ecohomes XB compliments the EPC in such a way that when the two are combined, we move away from simply measuring the efficiency of a single property to looking at the “bigger picture” of total housing stock. In effect Ecohomes XB supplies the strategic overview and the EPC supplies legislative-specific information. When the two are combined we can present stock information on the following:

  • Management
    The provision of management policies such as an energy policy, environmental policy and energy efficiency advice to residents.
  • Energy
    Level of insulation to properties, SAP rating, type of heating system, controls and low energy lighting.
  • Transport
    Access to public transport such as community buses.
  • Pollution
    Available Zero Emission Energy sources.
  • Water
    Internal & External water fittings and usage.
  • Health
    Adequate ventilation, provision of internal/external private space.
  • Waste
    Recycling, reduction of refurbishment waste and safe disposal of appliances.

  • If you require a whole stock analysis, please contact us on 0845 0945 192 to arrange a free consultation.