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New Build Services


ibrant Energy Matters is able to provide clients with a comprehensive range of services to assist them in the preparation of their new homes for sale. We provide specialist advice and services in several areas.

Our multifaceted approach, our understanding of the needs of house builders and the range of services on offer ensures all clients receive unrivalled service.  All of our staff training and development instills a definite focus on accuracy, speed of delivery and customer service.

Our integrated suite of services is designed to meet the growing challenges of reducing carbon emissions in line with the requirements of the European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD). On provision of the relevant information our competent and accredited SAP assessors will produce comprehensive SAP assessment reports and Energy Performance Certificates, which are required for demonstrating a compliant design to the local authority building control department.

In addition to this we offer air tightness testing plus a post-test leakage diagnosis, required if a building fails to achieve the target permeability rate upon testing.  In addition to this we also provide a diagnostic technique employed increasingly to survey and record the thermal properties of a building, known as thermography.

For a full list of services or if you would like to understand more about our new build services division then please contact us.

Design Stage SAP Assessments

Design Stage SAP Every new home built in England & Wales will require two types of assessment, Design Stage SAP and On Construction SAP.
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Full SAP EPC Vibrant Energy Matters offers a fast and efficient ‘On Construction EPC’ service.
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Air Pressure Testing

Air Pressure Testing Vibrant Energy Matters delivers air tightness testing and consultancy for all building types
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Thermal Imaging

Thermal ImagingVibrant Energy Matters conducts thermographic surveys to reliably determine surface temperatures
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Acoustic Testing

Acoustic TestingVibrant Energy Matters acoustic and sound insulation testing team is capable of assisting projects from design through to completion
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Code For Sustainable Homes

CFSH The Code for sustainable homes is intended to show the future direction of Building Regulations
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