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Thermal Imaging
Thermal Imaging

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hermography is a diagnostic technique employed increasingly to survey and record the thermal properties of a building. Vibrant Energy Matters conducts thermographic surveys, using sophisticated thermal imaging cameras to reliably determine surface temperatures through detection of electromagnetic radiation in the infrared spectrum.

Working in accordance with recognised methodologies, such as BS EN 13178:1999, we can interpret the features presented in thermographic images. Consequently, our surveys are a powerful tool for diagnosing typical weaknesses in the thermal integrity of a building.

As an alternative to having regular inspections carried out by a qualified third party during construction, thermographic surveys can be used by contractors to demonstrate that their building does not suffer from excessive cold bridging, air leakage or discontinuities in insulation. Thermographic surveys can also be used to identify areas for potential improvement, with a view to minimising heat loss and thus energy wastage, which in turn reduces running costs and carbon emissions.